Earthquake Report

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Earthquake Report No.052

  • Origin Time: 2022/04/28 08:42:44
  • Epicenter: 23.16°N, 120.84°E 80.6 km NE of Kaohsiung City Hall
  • Focal depth: 5 km
  • Magnitude (ML): 4.1



Origin Time The origin time of earthquake in terms of Taiwan time
Lat Latitude of earthquake (°N)
Lon Longitude of earthquake (°E)
Depth Focal depth of earthquake in km
Mag The local magnitude (ML)
Stacode Station's code
Staname Station's name
Stalat Latitude of station (°N)
Stalon Longitude of station (°E)
Dist Epicentral distance in km
BAZ Azimuth in degree
PGA Peak ground acceleration of three components (VNE) in cm/s2
PGV Peak ground velocity of three components (VNE) in cm/s
Int Taiwan intensity scale (Level 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5-, 5+, 6-, 6+, 7)
PGA(SUM) Peak ground acceleration (Vector sum) in cm/s2
PGV(SUM) Peak ground velocity (Vector sum) in cm/s