CWB History photo
CWB History photo

Brief History

The Central Weather Bureau (CWB) was established in 1941 in Chongqing as a unit within the Executive Yuan. It had been under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC) in 1947. After moving to Taiwan with the Government of the Republic of China, the CWB infrastructure was simplified in 1957. The Taiwan Provincial Weather Institution assumed responsibility for most of its functions. In 1971, the CWB was restructured and became affiliated with the MOTC again.


The Director-General heads the CWB with assistance from two Deputy Director-Generals and a Chief Secretary. Its headquarters in Taipei is composed of four Divisions: Planning, Observation, Applied Meteorology, Telecommunications and Radar; four Offices: the Secretariat, Personnel, Accounting, Civil Service Ethics; and a Research and Development Center.

In addition to the above nine units, there are seven independently-operated centers affiliated with the headquarters: the Weather Forecast Center, the Meteorological Satellite Center, the Meteorological Information Center, the Seismological Center, the Meteorological Instruments Center, the Marine Meteorology Center, and the Southern Region Weather Center. There are also twenty-five weather stations, four weather radar stations, and an astronomical observatory. They distinctively take the responsibility for meteorological, seismological, and related marine and astronomical operations of the nation.