Solar and Heliospheric Observatory
Pacific Tsunami Warning Center
Geological Survey of Japan
Kyoshin Net (K-NET)
Earthquake Research Institute, University of Tokyo
World Meteorological Organization
Canada,Enviroment Canada
South Africa,South Africa Weather Bureau
Hubble Space Telescope
U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)
(NCAR)--National Center for Atmospheric Research Atmospheric Research, U.S.A
U.S. ,National Earthquake Information Center(USGS)
Latest Earthquakes - Last 7 Days(USGS)
National Climatic Data Center
National Weather Service,Silver Spring, Maryland U.S.A
National Centers for Environmental Prediction
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
National Aeronautical and Space Administration
National Severe Storms Laboratory
Forecast Systems Laboratory
UK,Meteorological Office
Meteorological Service of New Zealand
International Meteor Organization
Holland,Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute(KNMI)
Philippine Atmospheric,Geophysical&Astronomical Services Administration(PAGASA)
Singapore,Meteorological Service Singapore
European Space Agency
European Southern Observatory
European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasting
Australian,Commonwealth Bureau of Meteorology
ACCU Weather
CNN Weather
The Weather Channel
Yahoo's World Weather
U.S. ,Society of Exploration Geophysics
U.S. ,Seismological Society of America(SSA)
U.S. ,USC Earth Sciences
American Meteorological Society
Weather Underground of Hong Kong
U.S. ,Federal Emergency Management Agency(FEMA)