I. Tides
1. Why do tides occur?
2. What is the definition of "flood", "ebb", "high water", and "low water"?
3. Approximately how long does the low water last?
4. What is a long period of tide?
5. How many flood and ebb tides should there be each day?
6. What does the "*" sign mean in the tide table?
7. What are "spring tides" and "neap tides"? Are they shown in the tide table?
8. Why the spring tide still occurs during the full moon phase when the Earth is between the Moon and the Sun?
9. Is spring tide affected by the seasons?
10. What is the "lunitidal interval"?
11. What is the "higher transit of the Moon"?
12. How is tide table data calculated?
13. What is the datum of the tides?
14. How is tidal energy used to generate electricity?
15. How does tide influence fisheries and aquaculture?
II. Ocean Current
1. What is "ocean current"?
2. What are the characteristics of the tidal current in the sea area near Taiwan?
3. Does the CWB have any information regarding the tidal current?
III. Wave
1. What are "mad-dog waves"?
2. Beaufort Wind Scale Table?
3. Is the level of a swell the same as the Beaufort's wave level? Can it be judged based on experience and the Beaufort scale?
IV. Marine Meteorological Information Service
1. How can I obtain the tide table over longer period online?
2. How can I obtain marine meteorological data of a certain location near Taiwan?
3. If I want to know the sea level at a specific minute of a specific hour for a specific day, month, and year, and I only need the data for several time periods, how can I acquire such data at a lower cost?
4. If I need the weekly fixed-hour tidal height data of a single tide station for a consecutive period of two years (96 units of data in total), can the Central Weather Bureau provide such information?
5. How can I obtain relevant information about the storm surge along the coast?
6. How can I search for Dongshi inshore daily wind and tidal information?
7. Where can I learn about tidal information of various locations?
8. Can the tidal forecast on your website be changed to be selectable by date instead of only searchable by recent tidal information as we might need the past or future tidal information as well? We hope this search function can be added to the website. If not, where can we obtain information of other dates?
9. How can I read the 24-hour wave forecast chart and analysis chart? What are the meanings of the signs and numbers on the charts?
10. Can I quote from the textual information and graphs on your website?