II. Typhoon's Impact on Taiwan

1. How many typhoons have invaded Taiwan historically? Which month has the peak value in frequency?

A total of 366 typhoons between 1911 and 2018 have had a landfall on Taiwan, or have passed offshore without landfall on Taiwan but caused disasters on lands. (Note: For typhoon invasion track, see "Warning issued for Taiwan" category in Typhoon Database; if "-" is indicated under "Track," the typhoon did not invade Taiwan.) The peak frequency is in August, followed by July and September (Table 4). Therefore, Taiwan's typhoon season roughly falls between July and September.

Table 4 Monthly occurrences of typhoons that invaded Taiwan between 1991 and 2018

Month Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
Frequency 1 9 26 97 106 86 30 10 1
Average 0.01 0.08 0.24 0.90 0.98 0.80 0.28 0.09 0.01