I. Understand Typhoon
1. What is "typhoon"?
2. How is typhoon formed?
3. Where is the Taiwan-invading typhoon from?
4. What is the frequency of typhoon occurrence?
5. How is a typhoon named?
6. What is the internal structure of typhoon?
7. What is the eye of a typhoon? What is its shape and size?
8. Why does a typhoon have an eye?
9. How is the typhoon's storm area determinated?
10. How is the intensity of typhoon categorized?
11. What is the "landfall" of a typhoon?
12. What is the most common typhoon paths in the Western North Pacific?
13. What is the "Fujiwhara effect"?
II. Typhoon's Impact on Taiwan
1. How many typhoons have invaded Taiwan historically? Which month has the peak value in frequency?
2. How many typhoons hit Taiwan per year on average?
3. How many typhoon landfalls have been on Taiwan? Which spot has the most landfalls?
4. Categorized paths of typhoons invading Taiwan?
5. What is the wind intensity for typhoon invading Taiwan?
6. What is the rainfall situation of Taiwan when invaded by typhoons?
7. Is typhoon any good?
8. What is the southwesterly air current induced by typhoon?
9. Will the tide rise with typhoon?( Will--Dose)
III. Disaster caused by typhoon and its prevention
1. What disasters can typhoon cause?
2. What is the situation of disaster caused by typhoon invading Taiwan?
3. What should urban residents do prior to typhoon invasion?
4. What should rural residents do prior to typhoon invasion?
5. Can we reconstruct a typhoon?
IV. Typhoon Forecast and Warning Issuance and Dissemination
1. What methods are available for observing typhoons?
2. What is the Criteria for issuing a typhoon warning message in Taiwan?
3. What is contained in CWB-issued typhoon warning?
4. Why does forecast on typhoon have errors?
5. What is the error on CWB's typhoon forecasting?
6. How are typhoon warning messages disseminated?
V. Proverbs and legends on Typhoon
1. What does it mean by saying "typhoon is turning back south"?
2. What is the meaning of "Northwest typhoon"?
1. What is “Potential Track Area”?
2. What is “Typhoon Storm Wind Speed Probabilities”?