Year 2019
Calendar Date Day of the week Astronomy phenomenon
07/01 Monday
07/02 Tuesday Venus in conjunction with Moon
07/03 Wednesday Total Solar Eclipse;New Moon
07/04 Thursday Mars in conjunction with Moon;Mercury in conjunction with Moon
07/05 Friday Earth at aphelion;Moon at perigee
07/06 Saturday
07/07 Sunday Mars in conjunction with Mercury
07/08 Monday
07/09 Tuesday First Quarter
07/10 Wednesday Saturn at opposition
07/11 Thursday
07/12 Friday
07/13 Saturday
07/14 Sunday Jupiter in conjunction with Moon;Pluto at opposition
07/15 Monday
07/16 Tuesday Saturn in conjunction with Moon
07/17 Wednesday Partial Lunar Eclipse;Full Moon
07/18 Thursday
07/19 Friday
07/20 Saturday
07/21 Sunday Moon at apogee;Neptune in conjunction with Moon;Mercury in inferior conjunction with Sun
07/22 Monday
07/23 Tuesday
07/24 Wednesday Venus in conjunction with Mercury
07/25 Thursday Last Quarter;Uranus in conjunction with Moon
07/26 Friday
07/27 Saturday
07/28 Sunday Piscis Austrinids Meteor Shower Peak
07/29 Monday
07/30 Tuesday
07/31 Wednesday South.δ-Aquariids Meteor Shower Peak;α-Capricornids Meteor Shower Peak;Mercury in conjunction with Moon