Information on Data and Product Application of the Central Weather Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications

STEPS-in situ application

  • Fill in and download the data application form below, submit it to the Customer Services Section at the CWB headquarters or any local station.(download the data application form)
  • Pay the fees and wait to get the required data in printed form or electronic file.

The CWB with its Weather Stations Contact Phone Numbers

Weather Stations Contact Phone Numbers
Central Weather Bureau (headquarters) (02)2349-1102
Keelung (02)2422-4240
Hsinchu (03)551-2153
Taichung (04)2222-2505
Wuqi (04)2656-2481
Sun Moon Lake (049)285-5148
Chiayi (05)232-0143
Southern Region Weather Center (06)345-9234
Kaohsiung (07)821-3373
Hengchun (08)889-2037
Yilan (03)932-2054
Su-ao (03)996-4654
Hualien (03)832-2025
Taitung (089)322-139
Dawu (089)791-005
Penghu (06)927-2018
Alishan (05)267-9980
Lanyu (089)732-587
Kinmen (082)373-357
Matsu (0836)26-457
Xinwu (03)486-2858